Yoko Ono’s call to self-congratulations falls flat

On second thought, let’s not.



And when Twitter memes collide…

  • aqua1957

    what rubbish, family wrecker

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    As usual, dirty hippies taking credit for things that families and the faithful did while they were getting high and screwing. You pathologically self-absorbed lefty baby boomers sucked the life out of this country, killing opportunities for future generations so you could personally benefit from it ‘in the now’. And when your ilk were done killing Sharon Tate and joining the Weather Underground, you then set about making high achievement something almost criminal, and handed out broken families and welfare as a consultation prize, while you rolled in money you didn’t earn. You get no thanks for it Yoko. And John was a Reagan Democrat prior to his murder. Stop lyin’. Hey 鬼婆 Onibaba – Urusai! Nuri kabe!