NFL receiver Jabar Gaffney has a Twitter meltdown over wife!/JabarGaffney/status/190515401862553601

If these tweets are any indication, we’re assuming Washington Redskins’ wide receiver Jabar Gaffney could use some relationship counseling.!/JabarGaffney/status/190518573960151040!/JabarGaffney/status/190524923448528896!/JabarGaffney/status/190525382276038656!/JabarGaffney/status/190533170733662211

Even though Mr. Gaffney claimed that would be the last tweet, it wasn’t. He had one more for all the haters out there!!/JabarGaffney/status/190533424937832448

UPDATE: Hours after the above tweets, Gaffney logged on to Twitter claiming his account had been hacked.!/JabarGaffney/status/190585006446481408!/JabarGaffney/status/190585006501019648!/JabarGaffney/status/190588404159873024!/JabarGaffney/status/190588630606168064!/JabarGaffney/status/190588947372580865!/JabarGaffney/status/190589556389715972!/JabarGaffney/status/190597604978065410!/JabarGaffney/status/190598287936598016

Finally the receiver had enough of the hate and said he was going to delete his Twitter account for good.!/JabarGaffney/status/190599333786296321

Gaffney isn’t the only NFL receiver who’s having girl problems. Patriots receiver Donte Stallworth went on a similiar rant!

  • Rulz

    Divorce is rough, and he’s obviously not fine over this.

    Don’t be too critical of him. It’s hard to assess all the facts from this and he’s pretty upset.

    • llkenney

      Malarkey!  This is what happens when big headed rich boys don’t get their own way!  Time for him to grow up!

  • llkenney

    I think anger management is in order here.  He needs to put on his big boy pants and get on with it like an adult.

  • xfin

    People who can’t write or spell shouldn’t be allowed to have a twitter account. In fact, they should require people to submit a written letter requesting an account, and if the twitter folks can’t read it they should be denied immediately.

  • Nagurski

    For what it’s worth, the writing style is pretty different between the ‘hacked’ tweets and the ones following. Maybe his account actually was jumped.