Day two of Obama’s ‘Buffett Rule’ plea to America

Once again, President Obama stood at a microphone and made the case for his so-called “Buffett Rule.” Heading to the House later next week, the proposed law would supposedly raise taxes on the wealthiest, most successful people in the country, while keeping the tax rate as-is for those who make less than $250K a year.

Obama 2012 would call this the “fair” thing to do, while the majority of America would call this more of the same old, same old election-year political posturing.

As usual, Twitter is calling out the president. Yesterday, Twitchy wrote about conservatives hijacking the White House’s hash-tag and letting the president know how this new rule should be used.

Today, the Twittersphere shot back with more anger and called out the class warrior-in-chief:!/PrepHedz/status/190085403892662272

It’s going to be a long seven months.