Actress KeKe Palmer is NOT dead; lashes back at Twitter rumors, fake CNN tweets

KeKe Palmer is a young movie and TV actress best known for her starring role in “Akeelah and the Bee.” Today, Twitter hooligans started a vicious rumor that she had died by hatching an #ripkekepalmer hashtag. We traced the rumor to fans of Justin Bieber, who didn’t like a couple of light-hearted tweets Palmer had published earlier in the day:!/KekePalmer/status/188332710748635136!/KekePalmer/status/188336814132695040!/iShimmerBiebs/status/188494666453352448

Irresponsible goons faked CNN tweets and the rumor took off:

Palmer is alive, kicking, and telling some hard truths about the consequences of sophomoric social media mobs:!/KekePalmer/status/188484034307956736!/KekePalmer/status/188484203606847488!/KekePalmer/status/188484598534123520!/KekePalmer/status/188485396584341504!/KekePalmer/status/188485562666196992!/KekePalmer/status/188486954919276544!/KekePalmer/status/188487193684226050!/KekePalmer/status/188487919873437696!/KekePalmer/status/188488777180786689!/KekePalmer/status/188488777180786689

The Beliebers are shifting blame…to the OneDirectioners, of course:!/iIdolizeJustin/status/188492387193073664

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