Sen. Shaheen launches 15 days of class warfare

Timed to coincide with President Obama’s push to pass the Buffett Rule (because, faaaaair shaaaaare!), the New Hampshire Democrat trotted out the tiresome tale of Warren Buffett’s struggling secretary:

Related video of the president’s Saturday address:
Passing the Buffett Rule So That Everyone Pays Their Fair Share


  • Botzilla

    Warren buffet doesn’t collect a salary, he is paid in shares of Berkshire Hathaway which he pays capital gains on. Its really sad when voters know more about how the world works than your average Democratic senator. And I believe Buffets secretary just purchased a second vacation home, must be rough being so down trodden.

    • kcast2011

      Just sad the way they trick the public into thinking such falsehoods

  • n2sooners

    Looks like another hash tag ripe for the picking.

    Have Buffett and his secretary released their tax forms? Last I heard they hadn’t so they could basically make up any number they wanted.

    •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

      Yeah we could have some fun with this.  I added several including this one:

      #15TaxFacts People in all 57 states have to do their taxes.

  • Blog

    I used to own a cat that was very fat.

  • Charles G. Kerns

    Just like Obama, always got his hand in someone elses pocket.  Why don’t he and Warren write checks to the Treasury and leave the rest of us alone!