Ga. high school students tweet Trayvon riot; threats of violence grow over Twitter; Sharpton heads to Sanford

In Union City, Ga., today, students at Banneker High School held a “protest” for Trayvon that reportedly turned ugly. Many live-tweeted the disturbance and subsequent school lockdown, which has received no media coverage.

There have been other Twitter reports of planned outbreaks:

Forget Al Sharpton. Across the Twitter-verse, calls to riot for Trayvon Martin show no signs of letting up:

A rare voice of sanity:


Related — In case you missed it, rap songs about rioting for Trayvon are all the, well, rage:

All black in my hoodie
All black in my hoodie
Strapped up with them AKs
F–k protesters
Let’s start a riot
Fight, let’s start a riot

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Update: Here comes Al Sharpton, who tweets this morning that he’s headed to Sanford, Florida.

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