Let the good times roll! #ObamaCaresAboutMe

Well, it looks like the Left still hasn’t quite learned its lessons about creating hashtags. Planned Parenthood sent that tweet out not long ago, and it produced an earnest response:

But that was pretty much it. As was the case with #ILikeObamacare and #Gen44, Twitter conservatives quickly seized the opportunity to make #ObamaCaresAboutMe their own.




  • http://usamericanfreedom.wordpress.com Sarah Roman

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  • Carterthewriter

    This administration is flooding the television screen with ads. I like the one asking people to report Medicare fraud. Turns neighbor against neighbor; sound familiar!

    • Michael Blackburn

      Classic case of Obama Derangement Syndrome: Obama’s against it, so I must be for it! I thought conservatives were arguing to reduce the deficit through eliminating waste, fraud & abuse. Now because the Obama Administration is taking action against it, you want to condone freeloaders & thieves? 

      Principled, my butt.

      • Marshall_Will

         Nice try Michael.  A nation needn’t pass radical, unconstitutional and sweeping reforms, THEN reign in fraud.  But hey, I love a good straw argument as much as the next guy!

        • Michael Blackburn

          That’s not actually my argument. Try your “reading-WITH-comprehension” glasses. On the plus side, you really beat the crap out of that scarecrow! Good Job!

          • Marshall_Will

             No… actually conservatives argument all along has been centered on defeating Progressive “investments” like Solyndra and ‘free’ healthcare to BEGIN with.  Thusly, pure straw.  Further, even if virtually -all- fraud were eliminated from Medi it couldn’t backfill 10% of the blackhole O’Care created.   

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GGQZIXE7MV35GBOFHDPZ5ECJ5A Rulz

             Uh-oh! He must be running out of replies if he’s got to go with the READING COMPREHENSION card….and scarecrow…(laughs)

            Yay, Marshall!

          • Marshall_Will


            “I thought conservatives were arguing to reduce the deficit through eliminating waste, fraud & abuse.”

            Yes, we say that daily..?  We’ll gloss over the Soft Coup and instead focus on forensic accounting?

      • Joseph Parent

        Oh, so you’re against fraud and abuse?  So you’re for voter photo id laws, right?  Yeah, thought so.

        • Michael Blackburn

          Yes, actually. I am. We’re not all partisan hacks you know.

  • Marshall_Will

    ObamaCaresAboutGettingRe-lected.  And not much else.  He’ll let the MSM do the water carrying FOR him on this one.  Too toxic for Him to touch directly.  

  • Terika

    ObamacaresAboutMe so much, he invited me to dinner at Bill & Bernardine’s cuz Tony Rezko needed a date.
    But, Blago had sold my seat.

  • Terika


    If you are not represented by or members of the above…
    STFU !!!!!!!

    • Michael Blackburn

      I’m not in any of those organizations, may I speak? Thanks so much!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GGQZIXE7MV35GBOFHDPZ5ECJ5A Rulz

         Then Obama doesn’t care about you. So if you get sick , just shut up and take an aspirin.

        After all, we’ve all got to make sacrifices for the great utopia.

    • Marshall_Will

       Fab run!  Only that I’d add if your Dem-owned GM dealership didn’t pony up enough payola, you can pound sand too.  Sorry the date thing didn’t work out, don’t suppose I’ll be in attendance either…