Cain’s new vid shows baby rabbit shooting; Update: YouTube squabble?

We’re not sure what exactly Herman Cain is trying to promote here in this new video, despite the end message discussing too much stimulus money. One thing is for sure, he just offended animal rights activists nationwide.

UPDATE (4): YouTube removed this video earlier this morning due to policy violations, but has now allowed it back on the website. During this, Herman Cain tweeted about the situation and his post is below along with the video.

But, according to POLITICO, YouTube says the entire situation was a mistake:

YouTube said that the removal was a mistake. ”Occasionally, a video flagged by users or identified by our spam team is mistakenly taken down. When this is brought to our attention, we review the content and take appropriate action, including reinstating videos that had been removed,” a YouTube spokesperson told POLITICO.

Here is the original video that was posted:

(Warning: Some parts of this video are very graphic.)

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