Cain’s new vid shows baby rabbit shooting; Update: YouTube squabble?

We’re not sure what exactly Herman Cain is trying to promote here in this new video, despite the end message discussing too much stimulus money. One thing is for sure, he just offended animal rights activists nationwide.

UPDATE (4): YouTube removed this video earlier this morning due to policy violations, but has now allowed it back on the website. During this, Herman Cain tweeted about the situation and his post is below along with the video.

But, according to POLITICO, YouTube says the entire situation was a mistake:

YouTube said that the removal was a mistake. ”Occasionally, a video flagged by users or identified by our spam team is mistakenly taken down. When this is brought to our attention, we review the content and take appropriate action, including reinstating videos that had been removed,” a YouTube spokesperson told POLITICO.

Here is the original video that was posted:

(Warning: Some parts of this video are very graphic.)

  • rf_in_va

    Well, that was a dumb commercial..

  • Tex

    This is a senseless ad! However, people all over the World are eating ‘young rabbits’   TODAY! In fact in certain parts of the World they are eating Cats and Dogs.

    • Ellen Johnson

       I think the ad was fine. Grabs your attention with a simple message.  I find it more disturbing to walk through my county fair and after being allowed to pet the rabbits and goats being offered a Sloppy (Goat) Joe sandwich to sample. 

  • Ellen Johnson

    Two points here- 1) Not seeing a baby rabbit as the headline states – just domesticated pet rabbit.  2) The rabbit is not launched and not shot, are we getting worked up about a cartoon or computer generated image exploding?  Message US small business is in trouble, which is true.

  • magilp21252

    IT is still on YOUTUBE. I think it gets the message across very clearly what is happening to small business and the BIG Government.

    IT IS JUST A VIDEO. GET REAL,  people.

  • magilp21252

    You can also see it and others at his solutions site:

    sickofstimulus. com 

  • Chris Ar

    There is nothing graphic or disturbing about this video, since no rabbits were ever harmed.

    I believe Youtube got clarification from the Cain people and decided to leave the video up.

  • underscore_

    Yet another example of the double standard.” VP Cheny should die a slow painful death!” but God, (another topic not to be discussed here) forbid you shoot a CG rabbit to “symbolize” the death of small business. What of bunch of hypocrites!!!

  • radioflyer911

    Not buying the usual leftist fake outrage. For those viewers with small minds, no actual bunny was hurt in the making of this video. The exploding bunny was low grade CGI. We’re talking pre Jurassic Park low grade. They weren’t trying for realistic.

  • Margie Sokolow

    I think this was great. It demonstrates that small business is a living, breathing entity, controlled by another living, breathing entity~ the small business owner, who is at the mercy of government. 

    The business doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the government and it shows just how vulnerable it is when they set their sites on you.

    Small businesses don’t have all the protections big businesses do~ they don’t have the lawyers, accountants, and lobbyists working on their behalf to protect them from government. They don’t have the resources to handle the regulations, the tax forms, the legal forms and anything else that government requires of small businesses.

    It seems small businesses spend more time servicing the government rather than their own customers.

    I loved Herman Cain when he was running for President and I love him now. He would have made an excellent President. He GETS IT.

  • Thomas Nicolai

    The “rabbit being shot”  is obviously CGI!!  Get your panties out of a wad folks.

  • CoolChange80

    Herman Cain is terrible and are his ads. He has no character and this ad is worse than the campaign manager smoking a cigarette. 

  • CoolChange80

    This ad is a misfire like everything Cain has done. He should go dance with Stephen Colbert.