#BetterTebowQuestions, enough said

During the official announcement earlier this morning that Tim Tebow would be joining the New York Jets as the (second) quarterback, one trend went viral worldwide: #BetterTebowQuestions. You can’t help but joke about the situation because, well, it’s funny.

Here’s the best of:



  • http://www.noneedforastinkingwebsite.com/ dow daytrader

    most of the above tweets miss the point…tons of passes Tebow threw in Denver were dropped…lots of missed first downs also….Timmy is gonna have better running backs and receivers…and a better defense in NY.  God Bless him.  

    Btw, he set NFL records for length of completions and QB rating in the 4th quarter.  He won games running a boring offense with a very mediocre team.  he provided leadership in the absence of any.  

  • Caroline Trace

    Twitchy is demonstrating a disappointing rather off-the-mark sense of humor in these pieces. This isn’t the first. Clue: atheist humor is famously humorless and juvenile.

  • ComanderCody

    How classy was it to have Tebow face a ruthless NY press without an introduction from the Jets-coach-owner-GM-
    -mail clerk.