‘Occupy’ camp marks six-month anniversary

Today marks the six month anniversary of protesting at one of New York City’s (now) most famous landmarks, Zuccotti Park. Demonstrators have recognized the lack of attention drawn to the march, and have taken it upon themselves to try and re-ignite the media flame that was once there.

Here is coverage from Zuccotti Park in New York City (updates will be posted at the top):

Here’s an excerpt from the New York Daily News:

The crowd at Zuccotti Park swelled to about 300 people by midday and about six people were taken away in handcuffs, police and witnesses said.

“We are unstoppable, another world is possible,” many demonstrators chanted as a few clashed with police, witnesses said.

Many said the turnout resembled the crowds that took over the park on Sept. 17

“The energy is back at Zuccotti Park,” said City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan).

“It looked like it did in the beginning,” said protester Jesika Gonzalez. “The crowd was screaming and chanting.

The New York Times has a running blog on this:

  • HARP2

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    • ProudConservative

      Very SCARY!

    • tcbinc

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  • Leon

    The “media flame” burned out because the Democrats publicly endorsed this crowd then they exposed themselves as overgrown children and idiots.

  • tcbinc

    Rubber Bullets will move these idiots along